About us

Litehouse design and build bespoke spaces for modern Australian living.

We approach each project with an ethos of quality over quantity. The spaces we create are unique, tactile, honest, functional and full of character. 

Our holistic process sees us begin each design from scratch, developing it's character with our clients, their site and importantly, their budget. With the integration of landscape and interior design from the start of the design process, we ensure every space is cohesive and accounts for your needs.

We manage all the delivery of every element in every project, from design, to planning to lighting, the list goes on! It's this holistic control of the entire project that allows us to create spaces of exceptional quality and character.  If you'd like to bring along your own interior or landscape designer we'd be happy to work with them too. 

When it comes to construction, building in lightweight framing not only provides our designers with greater flexibility, but also dramatically reduces construction time on site. The framing, coupled with our designers skills allows us to create exceptionally comfortable, thermally efficient spaces and sustainable spaces.


This doesn't exclude other methods like brick or concrete, in fact we tactfully use these materials to provide the spaces with greater thermal mass to maximise your homes efficiency.

Litehouse will design you a unique space, of exceptional quality, to live and grow, built faster and more efficiently, for you and your family to enjoy sooner.


Our Team

Toby Bird | Director + Co-founder
Toby has over 25 years experience in the building industry. He started as a carpenter’s TA before moving into estimating and scheduling and has now been a registered builder for over 15 years.
In addition to his role at Litehouse, Toby also holds the position of Managing Director at Minchin and Sims builders and is a Director of the Perth Awning Centre, a company specialising in outdoor shading solutions
m 0411 727 576
e toby@lite-house.com.au
Stuart Brooks | Director + Co-founder
Stuart has over 16 years of experience in the high end residential building industry and has a passion for building high quality, timber framed homes. He started his career as a carpenter, building award winning houses in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.  He furthered his knowledge of timber framed construction with a working holiday to Canada, where he built timber homes. Stuart has lived in Perth for the past 7 years and he’s passionate about building superior, high quality light framed homes for the WA Market.
m 0451 307 437
e stuart@lite-house.com.au
Kyle Stacey | Director of Stack Design
 Kyle has over 10 years of experience with high end residential projects. During this time he has developed his passion for designing bespoke, sustainable, adaptable spaces, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. It was this passion that lead him to found his own design practice, Stack Design, and form a design-led, design and build collaboration with the Litehouse. He is greatly influenced his experience living on the family farm, one that gave him a great appreciation for space, nature and how we interact with the environments we live in, both built and natural.
You can find out more about Stack Design here.
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m 0430 172 541
e kyle@stackdesign.com.au