Little Albion

A home away from home for a modest farming family, nestled on their small block in the heart of Cottesloe.


185m² ~


4 Bed / Study / 2 Bath + Garage


Under Construction

Design / Build Collaboration

Stack Design / Litehouse

Little Albion, as this character has been nicknamed, is situated in old Cottesloe, on one of the relatively narrow old cottage blocks.

The clients, a farming family, having used the existing  house for many years, decided it was time to retire the old home and create a home that better suited their lifestyle.


Queue Little Albion. 

Designed to create a bright, light filled space for their constant entertaining with neighbours, family and friends. The result is a exactly that, a series of vibrant connected spaces, that encourages interaction between each.

The main living space opens entirely to absorb the central courtyard, subtly recreating the sense the space they're used to on the farm, surrounded by nature.

With openable slatted doors to expand their courtyard into the carport as well as out to the street, the home  manages an eloquent balance between privacy and a valued connection to the street.

Without compromising to the home in any way,  the Little Albion scored an exceptional 7.7 Star energy rating, resulting in a reduction of 80% power cost over a standard new home, and more importantly providing a naturally comfortable space for living.